historyThe family Reyes has been involved in mountaineering activities in the Mexican volcanoes and outdoor adventures for four generations. During the 1930’s Sr. Gonzalo Reyes organized the first local Tlachichuca expedition to the volcano, which included several days of adventure activities such as, horseback riding to the base of the mountain. By itself this part of the expedition was a great outdoor adventure trip; to the base camp. Afterwards the climbers continued to the Pico de Orizaba summit.


During those days, the team needed to manufacture handmade crampons and ice axes, which were not available anywhere near.

The following generations continued this family tradition; his son Francisco Reyes opens a new route in the forties to climb this volcano via the Jamapa Glaciar North Route.

During this decade the first official climbing register log book for Pico de Orizaba climbs, located in Mexico was set up for the climbing community, which you can browse in our facilities and add your own experience in this mountain. The third highest peak in North America.

In the eighties, Dr. Gerardo Reyes brought a new vision to this tradition by providing high quality customized professional services for the outdoor adventurer.

And the fourth generation is already in the mountain…




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