ProGuide Service in Servimont

Will Oberton and Brad Bullard from Winona, MN; and Mike Henderson from Ogden, Utah along with Aaron Mainer, our guide from Pro Guide Service based in the Seattle, WA area successfully summited and then skied Pico de Orizaba on Oct 27, 2016. We had a great experience from beginning to end. The food and care at Servimont complements of Sr Reyes and company was exemplary, and the acclimatization schedule that Sr Reyes and Pro Guide Service have developed worked very well for all of us. We all summited without any significant altitude issues  - except for the expected shortness of breath. We spoke with and saw video of other groups, who had not acclimatized well, who were suffering from headaches and nausea. We had none of that. Add to that the beautiful weather and our local guide - Carlos - who took amazing care of us and was a great cook, and we had an experience that will bring back memories forever. Thanks to all!!!


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