Mil Islas, the first stage of the “Desafío Discovery” (Discovery Challenge) ending in Pico de Orizaba.

And we continue with the adventure of “Desafío Discovery” which starts in Oaxaca, continues in Tehuacán, Cuetzalan and ends on the summit of Pico de Orizaba. At this last stage Servimont had the pleasure of hosting them.

Now that the teams are formed (Magenta, Green, Blue, Orange), each of these teams has to go through four ecosystems and overcome each of the obstacles in order to win the challenge.

To be at the top of the scoreboard, different aspects will be taken into consideration. Every competitor must complete this stage as a team. In addition, they had to work as fast as they can since each obstacle has a time limit. The team with best score is placed as a first place on the scoreboard.

They start with the first ecosystem, Mil Islas, in Oaxaca, Mexico. Here, the obstacles to overcome are; swimming, coastering, trekking, double kayak, island hopping and fishing. They must put into practice their skills to succeed each obstacle and use whatever the ecosystem offers to survive through the day.

In swimming, they had to jump from a helicopter and swim to the coast of the island carrying a bag (each) which has a survival kit. Once they are on the coast, they had to decide whether to get to the checkpoint by coastering the island or trekking over to cross it. After arriving to the checkpoint, they had to get the kayaks and go island hopping to the next checkpoint by rowing a certain distance.

The stage ends with fishing where the team not only had to fish but they also had to make fire to cook their meal. Otherwise, points are taken off from their score.

At the end of this stage, the Blue team was placed in first place since it was the only team to overcome each obstacle.

We will continue with this amazing adventure of the “Desafío Discovery” (Discovery Challenge)…